Game is supported on Android platform. You can enjoy it on your phone as well.

Saving Progress

Game has six slots where you can save your current progress.


If you are iPhone user you can play this game for free as well.

Learn To Fly 3Are you excited guys? New, latest, third version of the game is here and it promises even more thrill, fun and entertaining – Learn To Fly 3.

At the beginning you can only play story mode, you have up to six slots to save your progress and if you want more safety you may even store your progress on online servers. After that you can visit hangar, here you can find various tools to improve your flight capacity, you can upgrade your gear and fly as far as it is possible.

Your main objective in this game is to collect as much money as it is possible and with that money you can buy better upgrades, it will help you very much. Keep in mind, in order to accelerate your progress in the game you will have to cover longer distances, the further you fly the more money rewards you will get and more money rewards means more cool upgrades.

Game is very popular and main reason for that is that it has awesome progressive system, interesting gadgets and smooth graphics. No matter how you look at this game one is for sure – it is super fan.

There previous two version of the game available as well, all three parts are connected with each other with interesting story-line, don’t skip in because it is worth watching.